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Slag glass lamp shade repair – Slag glass lamp panels

     slag glass lamp shade repair A slag glass lamp shade repair implies the repairs I’m working on is performed on a lamp crafted using flat or bent slag glass panels.  The construction usually uses tabs or U brass channel for holding the slag glass lamp shade panels in place.  Typical metal slag glass lamp shade frames are made of a metal called white metal.

     White metal becomes brittle as it ages.  After 110 years the brittle shade is prone to metal cracking if bumped or if it falls.  The example to the left is your typical white metal slag glass lamp shade that uses the tab technique to hold the glass panels in place.   The examples below are still called slag glass lamp shades but the glass is not held in place by tabs.  Instead the glass panels are held in place using a copper foil technique or a brass U channel.  Manufactured by Bailey and Sons in the early 1900’s these white opal slag glass shades are rare.

Slag glass lamp shade repair – Baily and Sons 1900

slag glass lamp shade repair     Slag glass lamp repair is simple most of the time.  But occasionally I come across a rare bent slag glass lamp that is challenge.  This slag glass bubble lamp just takes my breath away.  The original slag glass lamp mold maker was looking for a challenge.  Slag glass lamp shade repairs like this rare Bailey and Sons shade is in another league.

     Having completed hundreds of challenging slag glass lamp repairs harder than this bubble design. I find the original craftsmanship interesting and rewarding to repair.  The fact that someone has already performed the work makes it a challenge to test my skills.

Curved bent glass lamp panel

Often I’m more intimidated by the shipping of something this large and delicate.     

    Again this slag glass lamp shade repair uses the foil technique to hold the glass panels together.

     Not required but in the process of securing all the panels I incorporated an 18 gauge wire on the interior of the tent shapes which gave this slag glass lamp repair a lot more strength.   I used a Wissmach opal white glass and frosted the finish to remove the shine like the original glass has.  When I was done my panels were impossible to detect.  This very rare Bailey and Sons restoration was performed for Tom at genuine antique lighting in Boston.  Other opal white Baily and Sons shades can be seen the right.

Antique slag glass lamp shade repair –Slag glass lamp panels

Bailey – Sons and similar frosted white slag glass lamp shade repairs.

slag glass lamp shade repair
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