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Slag glass lamp panels


     Stained glass lamp repairs usually  implies the repairs are performed on a lamp created by Tiffany Studio’s.  Unfortunately over the years the context of the word Tiffany has been exaggerated to include all stained glass lamps made of stained glass or slag glass.  From the definition provided by Wikipedia.  A Tiffany lamp is a type of lamp with a glass shade made with glass designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio. The most famous was the copper foil lamp technique he perfected.

     That being said just about all my clients that send pictures express their lamps are a Tiffany lamp.  Stained glass lamps are considered part of the Art Nouveau movement.  Due to Tiffany’s dominant influence on the copper foil technique, the term ‘Tiffany lamp shade’ or ‘Tiffany style lamp’ has been often used to refer to stained glass lamps, even those not made by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s company.  Over the years I have grown to accept the term Tiffany lamp repair to include all lamps made with stained glass rather than disseminate the other 50 lamp studio’s that made lamps using the copper foil method of construction.   Some which I would ague were much better than Tiffany.  Below and on other pages.  I will entertain you with some of my stained glass lamp repairs and Tiffany lamp repairs.

Stained glass lamp repairs- Bobs BEFORE pictures

Stained glass lamp repair     Attached please find pictures of our damaged stained glass lamp shade which needs repair. We recently moved from Florida to Georgia and the movers damaged the stained glass lamp shade in the move. It was dropped on one side and is dented in a little and there are about 11 places that the lamp needs to be repaired, broken glass and damaged to lead frame.

The shade is about 18 inches in diameter. We found you online and you look like the person who can repair this. This stained glass shade, we believe, was made in the 20s or 30s and is a family heirloom, it belonged to my Mother and Father who are now both deceased. Can you let us know if you can perform the stained glass lamp repair and the approximate amount to fix it. We are willing to ship it to you per your instructions on your website.

Stained glass lamp repairs- Bobs AFTER pictures 

Stained glass lamp repairs

     This stained glass lamp repair (copper foil construction) is an original period lamp.  Based on the hand cut foil and glass type (GCP) used.  The stained glass lamp dates from the 1900’s.  Many lighting companies at the time produced similar floral and decorative skirt designs. 

     From the before pictures you can see the extent of the damage.  Approximately 27 pieces (not 11) stained glass pieces needed to be removed, repaired plus three more were missing.  In addition to the 30 new pieces of glass there were several existing glass pieces that required new foil to join with the new glass work with the original stained glass pieces. 

     The background glass #11DGCP caramel was the bulk of the damage.  A few pink #12LLGCP and white #1LLGCP.  Looking at the original damaged pictures I knew the lamp would be on the bench for more than 10 days of labor.  The first few pictures below show how I send my client options for picking replacement glass.  View some of the work in progress prior to cleaning and putting a black patina on the new work.  

Stained glass lamp repair

Slag glass lamp panels

     Stained glass lamp repairs are becoming popular over the past thirty years.  Back in the 1970’s my studio was a large supplier of Dale Tiffany Lighting Inc. and the company Meyda Lighting of New York.  Both have created a huge demand for Tiffany style lamp repairs. 

     As you can guess they are imported China lighting fixtures.  They have incredible detail which accedes the detail used on genuine Tiffany lamps. They are incredibly prices based on the labor.  AgainStained glass lamp repair the Tiffany stained glass lamp repair issues have become popular in the past thirty years. Many of the earlier imports which came from Mexico are constructed using domestic glass made here in the USA.  But the Tiffany stained glass lamp repairs imported in the past ten years are extremely hard to repair because the same stained glass in not available for restoration or repairs.

Stained glass lamp repair

In this Dragon Fly stained glass lamp repair

    You can see the stained glass pieces are all unique but most likely came from the same sheet of glass. While performing this stained glass repair I saved as many of the broken pieces of glass and used them to cut some of the smaller pieces needed to perform the stained glass lamp repair. In the end it was only necessary to custom cut 6-10 new pieces of domestic glass to finish this stained glass lamp repair.

     Below you can see the stained glass lamp work from the inside of the lamp. The copper is still exposed which will be covered with two layers of solder. Then a black patina will be added to blend in the solder work with the original work.stained glass lamp repair

Stained glass lamp repair

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